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Educational Outcomes and Student Experience: Graduate

Themes and Considerations:  Focus:  What are our priorities for graduate education?

Academic programs, learning outcomes, and educational experience of graduates: Quality and Effectiveness
Program distinctiveness/Pillars of excellence - within and across disciplines
               Priorities -for regional, national and international prominence
Size and shape of University's graduate program; proportion of graduate to undergraduate in light of faculty resources
Role of graduate students in research/scholarship and in teaching
Leveraging partnerships
Instructional Delivery and Support - traditional and technology-based, and blended learning
International students - role in teaching
Consider targeted areas for improvement in student learning (SACS Quality Enhancement Plan)         

Educational Outcomes and Student Experience: Graduate Committee Members

CHAIR   Robert Wojtowicz      

Arts & Letters - Arts

John  Applebaugh  
Richardean Benjamin 
Lane Dare   
Gail Dodge   
Dick Gregory   
Regina Karp   
Mounir Laroussi   
Brenda Lewis   
John Morris   
Shana Pribesh   
Anders Sousa-Poza  

GAS President
Health Sciences - Nursing
ONFilmFest Director
Science - Physics
Science - Chemistry
Arts & Letters Political Science & Geography
Elec & Comp Engineering
Graduate Studies
Urban Studies & Public Administration
Education - ECI/Programs for Research & Evaluation of Public Schools
Engineering Management   

TASK FORCE REP   Ann Pettingill

Library Administration