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Research and Scholarship

Themes and Considerations:  Focus:  What are the University's research/scholarship priorities and how can they best be realized?

Diversity among disciplines research, scholarship, creativity
Distinctiveness - Identifying Pillars of Excellence
Leveraging/Partnerships: Building on successes, and creating new opportunities
Link to Graduate Educational Mission
International Connections
Applications, Economic Development
Technology Support                                       

Research and Scholarship Committee Members

CHAIR   Barbara Hargrave

Science - Biological Sciences

Thomas Alberts
Karen Crum
Kate Ferguson
Stuart Frazer
Larry Hatab
Richard Heller
Ravindra Joshi
Yuping Liu
Micah Scott
Steve Yetiv
Dick Zimmerman

Engineering -  Aerospace
Education - Leadership & Counseling 
Director of Research Development
Arts & Letters -  Philosophy
Engineering - Elec. & Comp. Engineering
Bus Marketing
Health Sciences - Nursing
Arts & Letters -  Political Science & Geography
Science - Ocean, Earth & Astmos. Science

TASK FORCE REP   Rusty Waterfield