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Every week Joel McHale and The Soup crew load up their TiVos to find the strange, obscure, and totally unbelievable moments in pop culture, celebrity news, and reality TV. Then they deliver the best of it with an irreverent attitude that's sure to satisfy your comedy cravings. Wednesdays @10/9c on E!Very GoodEvery week Joel McHale and The Soup crew load up their TiVos to find the strange, obscure, and totally unbelievable moments in pop culture, celebrity news, and reality TV. Then they deliver the best of it with an irreverent attitude that's sure to satisfy your comedy cravings. Wednesdays @10/9c on E!04/19/2014
Surface Windows RT TabletVery Good------04/19/2014
ComputerVery Good------04/18/2014
moto xVery GoodJust keep up the good job04/18/2014
iPad Very GoodVery easy04/18/2014
Samsung galaxyVery Good------04/18/2014
NoneVery Good------04/18/2014
network computer at workVery GoodSorry, it would have been inconvenient to complete the survey on a small screen04/18/2014
iPhone 5 Very Good------04/17/2014
iPhone 5sVery GoodUnbelievably simple.04/17/2014
I phone Very Good------04/17/2014
Ipad2Very Good------04/17/2014
MacBook ProVery Good------04/17/2014
computerVery Good------04/17/2014
android phoneVery Goodnone04/17/2014
computer to complet the surveyGood------04/17/2014
iphone 4sVery Good------04/17/2014
LaptopVery GoodI liked the survey. It was brief and to the point. Keep it up.04/17/2014
PCVery Good------04/16/2014
noneVery Good------04/16/2014
MacBook ProVery GoodThe survey went well04/16/2014
noneVery Good------04/16/2014
Computer Very GoodThe bottom was a little bit of writing but over all it was ok. Thanks 04/16/2014
iPad 2 Very Good------04/16/2014
Android phoneVery GoodIt was fairly easy.04/16/2014
Android phoneVery GoodIt was fairly easy.04/16/2014
Apple iPad mini Very Good------04/16/2014
Apple iPad mini Very Good------04/16/2014
AbdroidVery Good------04/16/2014
iPhone 5Very GoodUse of jQueryMobile made it much easier to select answers04/16/2014
AndroidVery GoodNo problems at all04/16/2014
iPhone 5Very GoodEverything was great! 04/16/2014
iPhone 5Very GoodEverything was great! 04/16/2014
iPhone 4Very Good------04/16/2014
Desktop computerVery Good------04/16/2014
iPhone 5Very Good------04/16/2014
laptopGoodI used a laptop.04/16/2014
computerVery Good------04/16/2014
AndriodVery GoodIt was easy02/24/2014
android phoneVery Good------12/06/2013
android phoneVery Good------12/06/2013
android phoneVery Good------12/06/2013
android phoneVery Good------12/06/2013
iPhone 4sVery GoodHad a great experience... Its easy and convenient12/06/2013
iPhone4sVery GoodThis facility is Great and convenient12/06/2013
iPhone 4sVery GoodIt was convenient to complete the survey using my iPhone 4s12/06/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodIt went by smooth. 12/06/2013
IPad GoodThe iPad doesn't have predictive text when you're typing stuff and at least it does but it's not very well so I use the microphone to input my comments which was kind of tough to12/06/2013
iPod 5 Very GoodThe survey screen was good, but the "submitting survey" bit was off screen to the right. Otherwise very good. I'm always impressed with my mobile experience on ODU pages. 12/06/2013
iPhone 4S Very Good------12/06/2013
iPhone 4S GoodI had to go out of the survey and go back in because part of the questions were cut off. 12/06/2013
Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S4)GoodIt wasn't bad, but I think it would have been better to have the drop down quest ions and essay questions on separate pages.12/06/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------12/06/2013
iphone 5PoorNot integrated well with mobile device as far as scrolling options and entering feedback. Lost all information on numerous occasions. Furthermore, the following is provided as feedback for your general survey: I spent over 30 minutes typing these responses to these questions only to hit submit and have been logged out of the server and subsequently lost all information previously entered. If you want to have students take these surveys, you better figure out how not to piss them out in the process. You will get NOTHING from me regarding the general comments in this survey because of the complete lack of technical ability of your service!12/06/2013
computerVery GoodI don't know why I am supposed to do this on a mobile device to complete the survey.12/06/2013
n/aVery Good------12/06/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------12/06/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodIt was simple, easy to do, and efficient. Who could want anything more than that?12/06/2013
android phoneVery Good------12/05/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------12/05/2013
iPhone 4 Very Good------12/05/2013
iPhone 4Good------12/05/2013
iPad miniVery GoodThe only slow part when entering information was when he text box added a line. It caused the iPad to slow down. Was VERY friendly and easy to use. 12/05/2013
IpadVery GoodIt was fast12/05/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------12/05/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodKeep it just multiple choice12/05/2013
iphone 5Very GoodKeep it simple - multiple choice12/05/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodId rather it all be multiple choice12/05/2013
Iphone 5Very GoodIt was simple and good. 12/05/2013
AndroidVery GoodEasy to use and no crashes.12/05/2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 2Very GoodI really liked this idea because it is so convenient and I can take this survey at work to save a lot of time. I hope this stays in the future.12/05/2013
Iphone5Very Good------12/05/2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 2Very GoodI love the idea of taking this survey on my phone because I get to use the "speech to text" feature. It's like answering questions out loud. :)12/05/2013
student opinion surveyVery Goodgood12/05/2013
iPadVery GoodEasy and fast12/05/2013
iPadVery GoodIt was easy and fast12/05/2013
iPadVery GoodIt was easy and fast.12/05/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodNothing went wrong for me, it was easy, quick, and efficient.12/05/2013
Student opinion surveyVery GoodVery good 12/05/2013
ComputerVery GoodThe survey was very good and not long. It stuck to the class.12/05/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodIt was very efficient 12/05/2013
Student opinion surveyVery Goodgood 12/05/2013
Student Opinion SurveyVery GoodVery good experience.12/05/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodIt was very simple and easy to follow that even a caveman could do it! 12/05/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodIt was very simple and easy to follow that even a caveman could do it! 12/05/2013
Android Phone Galaxy s3PoorTried filling out the Surveys on the phone. Attempted one and when I hit submit it said you had already turned in this survery which I hadnt. So I went to my chromebook and it was still available so i filled it out through my chrome book.12/05/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------12/05/2013
AndroidGoodIt restarted the survey the first time I tried to take it12/05/2013
none, used computerVery Good------12/05/2013
iPod 4th genVery GoodKinda glitchy when typing but that might just be because of my device. Happy to do these surveys on the go not sitting at a computer. 12/05/2013
I didn't use a mobile device. Used a desk top computer.Very GoodThe order of options from strongly disagree down to Strongly agree seems counter-intuitive. The best possible score should be at the top with level of agreement decreasing as you go down the list of options. 12/04/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodI did not have any problems completing this survey.12/04/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodI did not have any problems completing this survey.12/04/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodI did not have any problems completing this survey.12/04/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodI did not have any problems completing the survey.12/04/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodI did not have any problems completing the survey.12/04/2013
computer Very GoodIt was easy to access and complete. 12/04/2013
iphone 4sVery Goodsmooth12/04/2013
iphone 4sVery Goodit was very smooth12/04/2013
laptopVery Good------12/04/2013
iPhone 5CVery GoodIt was quick and easy!12/04/2013
my computerVery Goodthis is good enough.12/04/2013
MacbookVery Good------12/04/2013
MacBook ProVery GoodVery easy to use12/03/2013
MacBook ProVery GoodVery easy to use12/03/2013
MacBook ProVery GoodVery easy to use.12/03/2013
iPhone 4S GoodI need a receipt showing that I completed the survey. 12/03/2013
iPhone 4Goodit was fine12/03/2013
Android Very Good------12/03/2013
android phoneVery GoodIt was very easy and convenient. 12/03/2013
Samsung Galaxy S 3Very Good------12/03/2013
Samsung Galaxy 3 SVery Good------12/03/2013
Samsung Galaxy 3 SVery Good------12/03/2013
Mac AIrVery Good------12/03/2013
iPhone 4Good------12/03/2013
iPhone 4sVery GoodA bit too much to type for mobile. 12/03/2013
iphone 5Very Good------12/03/2013
android phoneVery Goodit was clear, nothing to change12/03/2013
Android phoneVery GoodIt was not long survey, so it's hard work.12/03/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodEasy survey to complete on mobile phone. 12/03/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodThe survey was easy and fast. 12/03/2013
Iphone 4sVery Good------12/03/2013
noneVery Good------12/02/2013
laptopVery Good------12/02/2013
labtopVery GoodNone12/02/2013
AndroidVery Good------12/01/2013
Iphone5Very GoodEasy and fast12/01/2013
Iphone5Very GoodEasy to use and quick12/01/2013
Iphone5Very GoodEasy12/01/2013
Iphone5Very GoodEasy to do didn't take long time12/01/2013
Iphone5Very GoodEasy to do on mobile device12/01/2013
iPhone 4sVery Good------12/01/2013
iPhone 4sVery Good------12/01/2013
iPhone 4sVery Good------12/01/2013
iPhone 4sVery Good------12/01/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------12/01/2013
laptopVery Goodno problems12/01/2013
NA, do not have one Very Good------12/01/2013
AndroidGoodLess write-in, more mult. choice.12/01/2013
androidGoodThe text didn't pop up immediately while typing12/01/2013
Iphone5Very Good------12/01/2013
androidVery Good------11/30/2013
computerVery Good------11/30/2013
Android Very Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 4SVery Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 4S Very Goodeverything worked appropriately 11/30/2013
note 3 Very Goodnone 11/30/2013
my pcVery Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodN/A11/30/2013
iPhone 5Very Goodit was a breeze 11/30/2013
iphone 5cVery Good------11/30/2013
iphone 5cGood------11/30/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodThe responsive is pretty good. Could be polished and more margins could be added. It was pretty fast loading too. It didn't freeze or scroll me up or down automatically like other websites seem to do on mobile. It automatically zoomed in when I loaded the page and that is slightly annoying. Ill zoom in if I need to. But then again I'm pursuing a career in web design and development so you probably asked the most critical person you could have asked! Much better mobile site than I'm used to, that's for sure!11/30/2013
iPad Very GoodSurvey works good in ipad11/30/2013
Iphone 5Very GoodEverything was easy, fast, & great! 11/30/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodIt was very simple to complete from my phone. Less typing questions would have made it even easier11/30/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodGreat experience !11/30/2013
Samsung Galaxy S4GoodThe survey was easy to complete but ugly and unpolished. It didn't seem that there was a different survey designed for mobile users. 11/30/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------11/30/2013
MacBook Pro with retinaVery GoodI felt that everything was easy to answer and the short response questions were good.11/30/2013
Samsung Galaxy S3 Poorthe radio buttons had to be clicked multiple times to make a selection. When using my voice to text feature, the first letter of each sentence was not automatically capitalized. Also when trying to click from box to box to write in comments it required that I click the box multiple times and even sometimes hold down on the box just so that I could enter text.11/30/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------11/30/2013
PCVery Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodFast and simple 11/30/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodVery easy 11/30/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodIt was very similar to doing it on my laptop. It was more convenient since I was away from my computer. Overall, it is great and I like it. 11/30/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodFast and easy 11/30/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodFast and simple 11/30/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodIt was short and easy to do. 11/30/2013
iPad Very Good------11/30/2013
Iphone 4Very Good------11/30/2013
Android phoneVery GoodIt was very convenient.11/30/2013
iPhone 4 SVery Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 4sVery Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 4sVery Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 4sVery Good------11/30/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------11/30/2013
iPad Very GoodI had no trouble completing the survey. I did one survey on my desktop and the second on my iPad. Both were easy and I experienced no problems with either. The iPad experience was just as good and more convenient than waiting to get home and take it on my desktop.11/28/2013
noneVery Good?11/27/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodJust as easy as using a laptop!11/26/2013
Iphone 4Very GoodIt was set up well. I could read all the questions clearly and it was obvious where to respond.11/26/2013
I didn'tGoodI don't have a smartphone so screw you.11/26/2013
nTelosVery Good------11/26/2013
galaxy tab 2Very GoodIt was very easy to complete the survey. 11/26/2013
ComputerVery Good------11/25/2013
iPhone 5GoodI thought it was great. 11/25/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------11/25/2013
AndroidVery Good------11/25/2013
AndroidVery Good------11/25/2013
Macbook ProGood------11/25/2013
n/aVery Good------11/25/2013
Android (Sumsung Galaxy Note II)Good------11/25/2013
Iphone 4sVery Good------11/25/2013
NoneVery GoodNone11/25/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------11/25/2013
iphone 4Very Good------11/25/2013
I phone 5Very GoodQuick and easy. 11/25/2013
I phone 5Very GoodNothing, it worked very well!11/24/2013
I phone 5Very GoodNo problem at all!11/24/2013
Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3)GoodThe text was right up to the edge or the screen, was hard to read. 11/24/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------11/24/2013
iphone 5sVery Good------11/24/2013
IPHONE 5sVery Goodit was good11/24/2013
iPhone 4s Very Good------11/24/2013
iPhone 5sVery GoodIt was so easy. Did everything in a matter of minutes. 11/24/2013
iPhone 5sVery GoodIt was very good and easy. 11/24/2013
AndroidVery GoodThe service was excellent just like for the first survey, provided a fast and effective survey. 11/24/2013
AndroidVery GoodThe service overall was fairly fast paced and allowed me to complete the survey in a timely manner. 11/24/2013
AndroidVery GoodEverything was good.11/24/2013
Samsung Galaxy S4Good------11/24/2013
portable Laptop pcVery Goodworked well, no problemo11/24/2013
android phoneGoodPretty much the same as taking it on a regular computer but more convienient on my phone.11/24/2013
iPhone 5GoodMy phone delayed a lot when typing in comments about the class, it got really annoying.11/24/2013
iPad MiniGood------11/24/2013
iPadVery GoodThis survey was good11/24/2013
android phonePoorI don't what is the problem. When I use the smart phone to finish the survey, it always pop out in the middle of the survey11/23/2013
iPadVery GoodMy only suggestion would be ensuring that the platform for this survey support Apple mobile products with speed and accuracy.11/23/2013
iPhone 4S Good------11/23/2013
IPhone 4S Good------11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------11/23/2013
computerVery Gooddid not do survey on a mobile device11/23/2013
iPhone5Very Good------11/23/2013
iPad miniVery GoodThe experience was very good, it as good as using my laptop.11/23/2013
iPad miniVery GoodThe experience was very good, it as good as using my laptop.11/23/2013
AndroidVery Good------11/23/2013
Android PhoneVery GoodIt was fine, my galaxy s3 has a large screen and it was easy to complete with11/23/2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 2Very GoodI love the fact that I am able to take this survey on my phone because I don't have to wait for my computer to turn on. This is really fast and easy!11/23/2013
Galaxy Note 2Very GoodIt was very fast and convenient!11/23/2013
Galaxy Note 2Very GoodIt was very fast and convenient!11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodNothing11/23/2013
iPhone5sVery Good------11/23/2013
iPhone 4Good------11/23/2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 2Very GoodThe way the words were from one side of the page to another made it look like it was zoomed in too far. I kept trying to zoom out but other than that, it was really easy.11/23/2013
276-233-7947Very Good------11/23/2013
276-233-7947Very Good------11/23/2013
samsung galaxy s3GoodNot easy to type open ended answers, but that's to be expected...11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------11/23/2013
samsung galaxy tab 3Very Good------11/23/2013
AndroidVery Good------11/23/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodIt was easy to do, somebody better win an iPad mini though, surveys that don't follow through make me never wanna do them again. But this survey wasn't bad at all, I'd keep it the way it is11/23/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodIt was fast, easy and not much reading...perfect survey 11/23/2013
android GoodTyping in my comments was somewhat difficult because it lagged as I was typing. 11/23/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodThis was the best survey I have ever done, fast and easy11/23/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodThis was the best survey I have ever done, fast and easy11/23/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodThis was the best survey I have ever done, fast and easy11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodThe survey was simple and it didn't take long, don't change a thing.11/23/2013
iPhone5Very GoodWorks great!11/23/2013
Kindle Fire HDVery GoodIt was great!11/23/2013
Kindle Fire HDVery GoodIT was great!11/23/2013
Kindle Fire HDVery GoodIt was great!11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodIt was very simple to complete the survey on my mobile device11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodIt was very simple to complete the survey on my mobile device11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodIt was very simple to complete the survey on my mobile device11/23/2013
Android PhoneVery GoodIt was simpler than most surveys and more compatible11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------11/23/2013
Galaxy 1GoodIt kicked me out one time but could of just been my phone11/23/2013
laptopVery Goodit works fine11/23/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodI like that I could use the voice dictation feature11/23/2013
Iphone 4Very GoodIt was convenient. Easy to use.11/23/2013
AndroidVery GoodBeing able to complete the survey on my mobile device was very beneficial, as I use my mobile device frequently.11/23/2013
Iphone 5Very Good------11/23/2013
ipadVery Good------11/23/2013
iPhone 4SVery Goodthe survey opened right up. easy to use. I have no complaints. 11/23/2013
iPhone5Very Good------11/23/2013
iPhone5Very Good------11/23/2013
iPhone5Very Goodna11/23/2013
iPhone 4S Very Good------11/23/2013
iPad 4Very GoodVery smooth and fast.11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodEnjoyed taking survey on my iPhone. 11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodEverything worked smoothly. 11/23/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodI had no trouble at all completing this survey from my mobile device. 11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodIt was simple11/23/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodEverything went well. 11/23/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodEverything went well. 11/23/2013
IpadVery GoodIt was easy to use. 11/23/2013
iPhone 4Good------11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodPortrait did not work well11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodPortrait did not work well11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodPortrait did not work well11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodPortrait did not work well11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodCouldn't use portrait. Only landscape11/23/2013
IPhone 4Very GoodExperience was pleasant. Was very easy to take and user friendly.11/23/2013
samsung galaxy 3Very Good------11/23/2013
androidGoodTyping an answer was a little difficult because the letters would pop up on the screen slower than I was texting resulting in letters be skipped. Had to erase and retype quite a few answers.11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodVery easy! Thank you!11/23/2013
Samsung galaxyVery GoodIt was convenient and easy:)11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodFast, easy, convenient 11/23/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodNothing, survey was good.11/23/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodNo problems11/23/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodIt worked just like the web version 11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodIt worked well, and everything was displayed clearly. 11/23/2013
LaptopGoodMaybe more course specific questions.11/23/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------11/23/2013
LaptopGoodThe survey is good on laptops, pc's or desktops. On smartphones, the interface doesn't seem optimize for it. Things are off-center, etc.11/23/2013
Android PhoneGoodThis doesn't seem like it was designed for mobile devices. It feels like a regular browser on a mobile device. Most people would rather have a separate interface or app for things like this, otherwise they feel daunting or tedious with all the zooming and panning. 11/23/2013
iPhone 4Good------11/23/2013
Android PhoneGoodThe user interface needs to be cleaner. It doesn't feel like the surveys were made for mobile. It feels like I'm just accessing a desktop website on a mobile device. 11/23/2013
LaptopVery GoodThere should be a separate app for completing the survey.11/23/2013
noneVery Good------11/22/2013
iPhone 4sVery Good------10/13/2013
Android phoneGoodthe text on the screen does not resize and is difficult to read. switching from portrait to landscape helped a little but not much10/08/2013
Android tabletVery Good------10/08/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodIt was fine. Maybe make a survey app. 10/08/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------08/14/2013
My Computer.Very GoodGreat08/13/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodCant think if anything! It's very good!08/13/2013
computerVery Good------08/11/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodIt was easy to complete. 08/11/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodN/A08/11/2013
iPhone4Very Good------08/11/2013
samsung galaxy2 tabletVery GoodConvenient08/10/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodI had no problems completing the survey on my phone. 08/08/2013
android phoneVery GoodI had issues when trying to select my responses.08/08/2013
iPad Very GoodIt's easy but for students who don't want to do them offer some incentives..?like maybe a coffe voucher at the food court,08/08/2013
iPad Very GoodIt's easy but for students who don't want to do them offer some incentives..?like maybe a coffe voucher at the food court,08/08/2013
computer desktipGoodThe positive agreement belongs at the top of menu choices. the green go light is also at the top or it should be. You don't make agreement the last choice on the list. it's upside down to regular mainstream brains in western society.08/07/2013
ipadVery Good------08/07/2013
computerVery GoodDo not have a mobile device I can use08/07/2013
iphone 4Very Good------08/07/2013
iPhone 4sVery GoodI think if you would like you can increase the amount of right and questions that is provided because the phones have a voice recognition system where you can speak to text allowing each student to give more of their opinion about each question08/07/2013
computerVery GoodNA08/07/2013
PCVery GoodDon't have the capability on my phone.08/07/2013
i padGood------08/07/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------07/02/2013
android phoneVery Good------07/01/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodThe text was slightly too zoomed. I could read everything but it touched the edges of the phone. Not a problem, but would look better if it didn't. 06/29/2013
iPhone 5Very Goodeverything was good.06/28/2013
Android Very Good------06/28/2013
iPad Very Good------06/28/2013
computerVery Good------06/26/2013
computer Very Goodgood 06/25/2013
Samsung Galaxy 3Very Good------06/24/2013
iPhone 4SVery Good------06/24/2013
N/A - submitted via computer in learning commonsVery Good------06/24/2013
none, not everyone has one. Very Good------06/24/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodIt was so much easier 06/24/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodSurvey was very well organized and easy to use!06/24/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodSurvey was very well organized and easy to use!06/24/2013
IPhone 5Very GoodVery simple process to do on my phone!06/24/2013
iPhone 4 Very GoodVery quick and efficient 06/19/2013
LaptopVery Goodno problems05/01/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodIt was a great experience! Job well done.05/01/2013
iPhone 5Good------05/01/2013
Android phone; later, laptopGoodFilling out the survey was ok, but when I submitted it the sign in page came up and the same class was still available when I signed back in. I then submitted it on my laptop, in which a successful submit page came up.05/01/2013
Android phoneVery GoodIt was easily accessesd. Easy to fill out. I did not have any problems completing my surveys.05/01/2013
laptop?Gooda lot of scrolling - maybe reduce the font size or button size so easy questions can be answered more rapidly04/30/2013
computerVery GoodI did it on my laptop. It was easy and fast.04/30/2013
Dell TabletVery Good------04/30/2013
Iphone 4Very Good------04/30/2013
NoneVery GoodWill try this method next class.04/30/2013
desk top computerVery Good------04/30/2013
IphoneVery GoodNone.04/30/2013
desk topGood------04/30/2013
Campus ComputerPoorIt resetted all the surveys so I gave a fairly inaccurate second submission.04/30/2013
AndroidVery Good------04/30/2013
iPadVery Good------04/30/2013
AndroidVery Good------04/30/2013
MacBook ProVery GoodOkay 04/30/2013
ComputerVery Good------04/30/2013
ComputerVery Good------04/30/2013
ComputerVery Good------04/30/2013
Ipad4Very Good------04/29/2013
Android 4.2Very Good------04/29/2013
computerVery GoodTyping via a computer proves most affective,04/29/2013
iPad 2Very GoodEasy!04/29/2013
MacBook ProVery GoodI think there should be an section for "further remarks."04/29/2013
None/computerVery Good------04/29/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------04/26/2013
Motorola Android cell phoneVery Good------04/26/2013
my desk topVery Goodit was easy04/25/2013
I- phoneVery GoodThe experience was good.04/25/2013
Iphone4Very GoodGood04/25/2013
kindle fireVery Good------04/25/2013
Android LGVery Good------04/25/2013
iPad Very Good------04/25/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------04/25/2013
LaptopVery GoodIt was good but one class did not show up on the survey list.04/25/2013
Android phoneVery GoodEverything worked perfectly04/25/2013
Android LGVery Good------04/25/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------04/25/2013
iPadVery GoodGood layout, good size for the screen. I can't wait to see the iPad ODU app though. I think that will be easier to navigate.04/25/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------04/25/2013
iPad 4Very GoodWorked perfectly04/25/2013
iPad Very GoodNo problems to report04/25/2013
noneVery Goodnone04/24/2013
iPhone 4Very Good------04/24/2013
iPhone4Very Good------04/23/2013
iphone4Very Good------04/23/2013
iphone4Very Good------04/23/2013
Android phoneVery Good------04/23/2013
iPhone5Very Good------04/23/2013
androidVery Good------04/23/2013
LaptopVery Goodi did not use a cell phone. used my laptop.04/23/2013
computer at homeVery Good------04/23/2013
windows phone 7 Very GoodEasy04/23/2013
2024915170PoorI couldn't zoom out of the screen so some of the words on the page got cut out. 04/23/2013
iphone 4Very GoodAwesome, don't worry you are good.04/23/2013
iphone 4Very GoodAwesome, don't worry you are good.04/23/2013
computerVery Good------04/22/2013
Android phoneVery GoodGive multiple choice questions.04/22/2013
Android phoneVery GoodGive more questions and it will be better if they are multiple choice questions.04/22/2013
iPadVery Good------04/22/2013
None. used computerVery Good------04/22/2013
AndroidVery Good------04/22/2013
desktop computerVery Good------04/22/2013
iPhone 4Good------04/22/2013
iPad 1Very GoodEasy to use04/21/2013
computerVery Good------04/21/2013
Iphone 4Very Good------04/21/2013
iPad 2Very Good------04/21/2013
iPad 2Very Good------04/21/2013
iPad 2Very Good------04/21/2013
Home computerVery Good------04/21/2013
Didn'tPoorWould never. Too much to say.04/20/2013
Iphone5Very Good------04/20/2013
iPad miniVery Good------04/19/2013
iPhone 4Very Goodit wasn't bad! Using the zoom and scroll features, I don't have trouble navigating the survey. 04/19/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodIt was great. I didn't have to log in on my computer and it did not crash or time me out. Font size and feasibility were excellent. 04/18/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodPerfect.04/18/2013
IpadVery Good------04/18/2013
computerVery Goodno problems04/18/2013
computerVery Goodno problems04/18/2013
HP computerVery Goodcompleted as requested.04/18/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------04/18/2013
laptopVery Good------04/17/2013
i phoneVery Good------04/17/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodIt was straightforward04/17/2013
computerVery Goodno problems04/17/2013
Iphone 4sVery Good------04/17/2013
iPhone 4GoodThe last few questions are bit much to answer through my phone. This may discourage students from giving complete answers.04/17/2013
Windows phone (non android)PoorCould not select bubbles. had to move to laptop04/17/2013
iPad 2Very Good------04/17/2013
iphoneVery Good------04/17/2013
AndroidVery GoodGreat. 04/17/2013
droid 4Very Goodeverything went well. shift key would not respond during my answering though. 04/17/2013
kindle fireVery GoodJust as easy as using a computer.04/17/2013
AndroidVery GoodVery good experience!04/17/2013
Android phoneGood------04/17/2013
Andriod phonePoorrandomly cut off in the middle of a survey04/17/2013
Android phone Very Good------04/17/2013
iPhone 4Good------04/17/2013
NoneVery Good------04/17/2013
I Phone 4Very Good------04/17/2013
NoneVery Good------04/17/2013
nexus 7Very Good------04/17/2013
Samsung 7-in tabletVery Good------04/17/2013
iPadVery Good------04/17/2013
iPad Very GoodVery easy to read, click on things and type04/17/2013
iPhone 5GoodWas good04/17/2013
iPhone 4Very GoodNearly the same as a computer04/17/2013
iPhone 4S Very GoodIt was basically just like doing it on a computer. More convenient because you can complete the surveys whenever without having to worry about a computer.04/17/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodNo issues. No lag, very fluid. Text easy to read. 04/17/2013
laptop computerVery Good------04/17/2013
iPhone 5Very GoodMuch better than trying to use the standard web page on an iPhone!04/17/2013
NoneVery Good------04/17/2013
iPhone 5Very Good------04/17/2013
android razr mVery GoodIt was easy and helpful to do this. 04/17/2013
androidVery GoodI had a good experence because it was fast and convienent.04/17/2013
andriodVery Good------04/17/2013
iPhone 4SVery GoodThe interface if very mobile friendly.04/17/2013
iPad 2Very GoodThe process was very easy and convenient. I could take the survey in the comfort of my bed.04/02/2013
noneVery Good------12/07/2012
samsung galaxyVery Good------12/07/2012
laptopVery GoodGreat12/07/2012
iPhoneVery GoodIt was great and easy.12/07/2012
Iphone 4sVery Good------12/07/2012
iPhone 5Very Good------12/06/2012
AndroidVery GoodGreat12/06/2012
laptopVery Goodquick and easy!12/06/2012
Android Phone, HTCVery Good------12/06/2012
iPhone Very Goodnothing. it was great. 12/06/2012
iPad and MacBook Very GoodDidn't have any problems or issues completing it. 12/06/2012
I touchGoodI thought that it looked fine on a touch screen it was well done.12/06/2012
None, I have an Android, but use my computerVery GoodHm..sorry I use my computer because I have probably not mess with my Android yet. I am an online student,so I have little time. I use my laptop as the screen is easier and so, but this is a good initiative!12/06/2012
LaptopVery GoodN/A12/06/2012
iPhone Very GoodNo problems. Completed survey easily enough.12/06/2012
Laptop PCVery GoodVery good quality of service. I have taken evaluations previously and they were very confusing. ODU is proving a clear design and good organization of questions. Keep it up!12/06/2012
androidVery Good------12/06/2012
computerVery Goodthe survey questions were fair and hopefully helpful for improvements needed12/06/2012
Iphone 4sVery Good------12/06/2012
iPhone 4SVery GoodEasy to use 12/06/2012
noneVery Good------12/06/2012
iphone 4Very Goodquick & easy12/06/2012
IphoneVery Good------12/06/2012
IphoneVery GoodIt worked well from an iPhone no issues12/06/2012
iPad Very Good------12/06/2012
iPhone Very GoodHad to zoom in to pick an answer12/06/2012
iPhone Very GoodVery easy 12/06/2012
andriodVery Good------12/06/2012
iPhoneVery GoodExtremely convenient! I loved being able to simply do this from my phone and no have to pull out my laptop. 12/06/2012
iPhoneVery GoodIt was extremely easy to comeplete the survey on my phone, much easier than I anticipated. 12/06/2012
none - used computerVery GoodNot everyone has a mobile device for use in completing the surveys.12/04/2012
iPhone 4sVery Good------12/03/2012
did not use mobile deviceVery Good------12/03/2012
laptopVery GoodI know my laptop is not technically a mobile device, but it's mobile to me and I love, love, love being able to do all my school work online and at my own convenience!12/03/2012
computerVery Good------12/02/2012
androidVery Good------12/02/2012
iphone 5Very Goodgood 12/02/2012
iPhone Very Good------12/02/2012
noneVery Goodnone12/02/2012
noneVery Goodnone12/02/2012
computerVery Goodeverythings good12/01/2012
My home pcVery GoodIt was OK12/01/2012
My home pcVery GoodIt was OK12/01/2012
I used my pc at home.Very GoodIt was not that hard at all.12/01/2012
iPhone 4sVery Good------12/01/2012
noneVery Goodnothing, it worked the first time which is great12/01/2012
IpadVery Good------12/01/2012
iPadVery GoodNo writing options. Drop down menus with concise statements would have been better.12/01/2012
iPhoneVery GoodMove the submit button over to the left on this screen 12/01/2012
computerVery Goodno problems12/01/2012
IphoneVery Good------12/01/2012
personal computerVery Good------11/30/2012
did not use a mobile deviceVery Good------11/29/2012
IpadVery Good------11/28/2012
iPhone 4SVery Good------11/28/2012
AndroidVery GoodMobile site is just like the desktop site. It was very user friendly.11/27/2012
iPhone 5PoorNo difference noticed between doing a survey on this mobile device and the full web page. 11/27/2012
iPad Very Good------11/26/2012
iphone 4sVery Good------11/26/2012
iPhone Very Good------11/26/2012
LaptopVery GoodExcellent 11/25/2012
did not use mobile deviceVery Good------11/25/2012
computerVery Good------11/25/2012
computerVery GoodI like that most of the questions were left blank and I could give my own answers not chose from a list that doesn't give all of the options.11/25/2012
iPadVery GoodI wish I could access the video streaming on the ipad11/25/2012
iPhoneVery GoodMake the survey easier to navigate, that way we do not have to zoom in and out to answer questions. 11/25/2012
AndroidVery Good------11/24/2012
iPhoneVery GoodVery user friendly, but would be even better if I did not have to zoom to read and choose answers. 11/24/2012
I padVery GoodIt worked very well for me. Unlike on blackboard when you try and type a reply it takes you completely off the page and you can't review what you are typing.11/24/2012
AndroidPoorThe survey was too big that I had to scroll from the question to the answer space11/24/2012
iPhone GoodGood as previously stated in the question above. 11/24/2012
iPhone 4Very Good------11/24/2012
laptop computerGoodIt could have been better if I had been talking instead of writing. It would have been easier to express my feelings11/24/2012
IpadVery Good------11/24/2012
iPhone 4Very GoodDidn't have any problem. I did one on a laptop and the other on my iPhone. Other than the size of the screen, no problems.11/24/2012
Android phoneVery Good------11/02/2012
iPhone Very Good------10/15/2012
iPhone 4sVery GoodSmooth, easy to navigate.10/12/2012
laptopVery Goodlaptop08/09/2012
BlackberryPoorI have an older Blackberry that could not load the page (it attempted to load, but it never came through and I just used my computer). This is probably because my Blackberry is just old. I want to get an Android system soon.08/07/2012
iPhoneGoodOkay... Had to constantly increase and decrease the size of the screen to complete. Other than that, not bad.08/07/2012
Windows Phone 7Very GoodIt was a great new way to complete a survey.08/07/2012
Iphone 4Very Good------08/06/2012
iPhone 4sVery GoodIt is easier and it allows users that always have their phones accessible to utilize them for purposes such as this. 08/06/2012
iPhone 4Very GoodEverything worked perfectly08/05/2012
iPhone4Very Good------08/05/2012
IPadGoodSelection bullets were difficult to punch. Recommend making them larger. 08/05/2012
iPod touch 4th generationGoodMake it easier to select the choices07/25/2012
lap topVery Good------06/23/2012
Android phoneVery GoodThere was no delay in the transition from screen to screen. Very well and easy to navigate.06/21/2012
Android phone--LG LucidVery GoodIt was difficult to see the font when it was all the way zoomed out. sliding the screen left and right was annoying, but doable. I also liked how the screen automatically shifted once I reached the edge when I was typing.06/19/2012
iPad 3Very GoodThe survey ran flawlessly on my iPad 3.04/25/2012
computerVery Good------04/24/2012
IphoneGoodIf there is a way to keep from having to zoom in and out it would be easier to read the questions. 04/24/2012
laptopVery GoodI requested twice for my HMSV 368 course to be reset as I provided feedback in that survey thinking that I was critiquing HMSV 444. My request was never granted.04/24/2012
AndroidGoodDid not work as well in landscape mode...04/23/2012
androidVery Good------04/23/2012
AndriodVery GoodGood04/22/2012
IPhone 3GSGoodFor the most part it was streamlined, and easy to use.04/20/2012
iPad Very GoodSuper easy and quick. I try to use my mobile device for all my classes.04/19/2012
NonePoorI didnt use it.04/19/2012
IphoneVery Good------04/19/2012
school computerVery Good------04/19/2012
andtoidVery GoodThe only change i would like to see is that when you zoom in, the page should adjust accordingly. I mean when i zoomed in,i scrolled left to read the question and then scrolled right to select an option04/18/2012
computerVery Good------04/17/2012
I used a computerVery Goodn/a04/16/2012
android phoneGood------04/15/2012
lab topVery Good------04/13/2012
NoneVery GoodNone04/13/2012
LapTopVery Good------04/13/2012
android phoneVery Good------04/12/2012
iPhone Very Good------04/12/2012
NokiaVery Good------04/12/2012
iPhoneVery Good------04/12/2012
p cGoodthis question is not for me. i can't do that04/11/2012
iphone 4Very Good------04/11/2012
IpadGoodI submitted fnc 360 and lit wrong12/09/2011
computerGoodIt was a very easy process. Very people friendly and easy access12/09/2011
iPhone 4GoodI was not able to scroll up within text boxes, so I was unable to check for grammatical errors. If I did make any mistakes, my credibility is put into question which concerns me, especially when giving constructive criticisms of a class. 12/09/2011
Android PhonePoorCompleted the survey over the phone but once completed and logged onto the computer, it showed that the survey was not complete.12/09/2011
Android PhonePoorCompleted the survey over the phone but once completed and logged onto the computer, it showed that the survey was not complete.12/09/2011
Android phonePoorCompleted the survey over the phone but once completed and logged onto the computer, it showed that the survey was not complete.12/09/2011
Android PhonePoorI completed one of the surveys for my classes and once I logged into the computer to complete the rest, it did not show that I completed any of the surveys on my mobile device.12/09/2011
iPhone 4Good------12/09/2011
Android phoneVery GoodThis is a welcomed additional means of completing the surveys. Thanks!12/09/2011
iPhoneGoodFormatting the questions to fit the screen when leaving comments 12/08/2011
htc droid incredible 2Very Good------12/08/2011
htc droid incredivle 2Very Good------12/08/2011
laptop xp internet explorer 8 (without compatibility view), firefox 7PoorI can't get my survey results to go through I've tried firefox 7 and internet explorer 8.... Everytime I click submit, it takes me back to the page, and the link is still there to do it over again/the link doesn't disapear like it should. It's a serious problem when it doesn't even work on an xp laptop with internet explorer.... fix that b4 you try venturing into mobile devices. ==== I think the issue is that I access it through a link, and it doesn't ask for my login details, yet gives me access to it. I think it's an authentication failure, where the login details aren't passed through, so it can't be submitted. Oddly when I clicked feedback link it asked for login details. 12/08/2011
android phoneVery Goodit was awesome12/08/2011
android phoneVery Good------12/08/2011
computerVery Good------12/08/2011
iPhone Very GoodStrongly agree is right above the no answer. Kind of annoying just have strongly agree as the last option for easy selection.12/08/2011
iPhone Very Good------12/08/2011
home computerVery Good------12/08/2011
androidVery Good------12/08/2011
htc sensation android phoneGoodTo much moving around the screen.. would be easier if only 1 question was up at once so I don't have to scroll around the page to get to all the questions and answers12/08/2011
androidVery Good------12/08/2011
blackberryVery Good------12/08/2011
I didintGoodThis was crap12/08/2011
Iphone 4Very Good------12/08/2011
android phoneVery Goodit was great12/07/2011
computer Goodno comment. 12/07/2011
laptopVery Good------12/07/2011
ComputerVery Good------12/07/2011
Home pcVery GoodN/A12/06/2011
AndroidVery Good------12/06/2011
palm prePoorI have an older operating system, I'm sure if I used my iPad it would of went smoother.12/06/2011
I used my computer.Very Good------12/05/2011
MacBook AirVery GoodWorked well. 12/05/2011
samsung fascinateGoodI had to zoom in to view the questions clearly and that caused me to have to do a lot of scrolling back and forth. The lettering could be bigger and the format could be laid out better.12/05/2011
AndroidGoodIt was not optimized for a phones screen, so I had to zoom in and then move the page around to read the questions and get to the answers. It might have been better to give each question individually and have optimized space.12/04/2011
iPad 2Very GoodIt was excellent. There were no problems12/04/2011
nokiaPoori couldn't see the choices properly so i accidentally put "strongly disagree" on everything while i meant to put "strongly agree" i feel so so sorry towards my professors :(12/03/2011
DROID Very GoodI thought it worked great12/03/2011
none/computerVery Good------12/03/2011
iPhone Very Good------12/03/2011
droid incredibleVery GoodWas just like online12/03/2011
droid incredibleVery Good------12/03/2011
IPad 2Very Good------12/03/2011
noneVery Good------12/01/2011
AndroidVery GoodI loved that we could do our surveys from our mobile devices because it is a constant connection to work, studies, etc.12/01/2011
PCVery Good------11/30/2011
iPhoneVery Good------11/29/2011
computerVery GoodIt was perfect.11/29/2011
Android phoneGood------11/28/2011
noneVery Good------11/28/2011
PCVery Good------11/28/2011
iPhone 4PoorCould not even log in with my iPhone. I could just fine with my browser (Safari). I couldn't submit some surveys. For some reason, after filling out the information and hitting the Submit button on the bottom of the page and going back to the initial survey page, the course title was still there as if I hadn't done a survey for that particular course. VERY FRUSTRATING!11/27/2011
AndroidVery Good------11/27/2011
computerGoodThere needs to be a way to complete these survey like this and anonymously for the students who do not feel comfortable completing surveys with their names attached. 11/27/2011
android phoneGoodIt might have been mobile-compatible, but it was not mobile sized. While I had no technical problems, it's not mobile-friendly if I'm trying to access the same full sized web page on a 3.5-inch screen.11/27/2011
iPhone Goodthe screen on the phone is small so there's a lot of zooming. Maybe one question at a time would fix this problem.11/27/2011
iPhone Very Good------11/27/2011
palmVery Goodit was awesome!11/27/2011
iPhone 4Very GoodWorked perfectly. Saved me a lot of time and frustration. 11/27/2011
androidVery GoodIt was easy! 11/27/2011
iPhoneVery Good------11/26/2011
iPhone. Very GoodI liked it quite a bit. 11/26/2011
IPhonePoorThis test was not formatted for a mobile device. 11/26/2011
androidGoodSame as using a regular website 10/12/2011
androidGoodSame as using a regular website 10/12/2011
iphone 4Very Good------08/12/2011
N/AVery Goodjust letting you know that there is no field for negative comments (yes, this happens).08/08/2011
androidGoodWas not mobile friendly. Had to scroll back and forth to read and answer. Yes it did work on mobile device, but not mobile friendly.08/08/2011
android (tmobile mytouch 3g slide)Very GoodBlackboard mobile, odu app, and gmail mobile need to be synced together more effectively and accessible08/06/2011
iPhone 4GoodReading the small words was a little tough since I am an "older student"! Had to enlarge it, then swipe little by little to read it all. But overall easy Ut , 08/05/2011
Android PhoneVery GoodIt was very convenient and easy to use. 08/05/2011
Ipod touch 4Very GoodThe buttons were hard to click. Make them bigger08/04/2011
blakberryVery GoodIts was good and I liked it!06/24/2011
iphone 4Good------06/20/2011
iPad 2GoodThe only thing is that when fully zoomed out the typing was slow, but once I zoomed in some it went great. (not sure if this something you can fix might just be hardware problems)06/19/2011
Android phoneGoodCould see the whole screen at once06/15/2011
android phone Very Good------06/15/2011
android phone Very Good------06/15/2011