Wireless Networking  @ ODU

Mission. Wireless Networking @ ODU Lab is led by Dr. Min Song. The mission of the Wireless Networking @ ODU is to advance the state-of-the-art in high performance networking technologies and enrich diverse network applications.

Projects. We are currently working on the following projects: 1) Broadcasting/Multicasting protocols for wireless networks; 2) Cognitive networking protocols and algorithms; 3) Network security and rogue access points detection; 4) WLAN modeling and performance analysis; and 5) Social sensor networks.

Wireless Networking @ ODU Lab was established with equipment funds (approximately $200,000) from NASA,  NSF, and ODU. The main facilities include 15 Desktop PCs, 7 Laptop PCs, 4 programmable APs, 20 IEEE 802.11 a/b/g stations, 8 Bluetooth devices, 150 Crossbow multi-sensor board modules, 1 wireless signal generator, 1 spectrum analyzer, 6 software radios, 4 multimedia kits generating video streams, 1 Gigabit Ethernet switch, 1 gateway, and 1 Gigabit router. The Wireless Networking @ ODU Lab is a scalable, reconfigurable system built upon open communications architecture that facilitates the developing of new network technologies and applications.

Team. Wireless Networking @ ODU provides an excellent environment for students and faculty members to carry out networking research. Currently we have 10 affiliate faculty, 4 Ph.D. students, and 2 Master students conducting their research using Wireless Networking @ ODU Lab.


 NEWS: post-doctoral position available