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Application for Internship in Human Services

Human Services Program
Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling
Darden College of Education
Old Dominion University

Application for Internship in Human Services

Internship Semester Applied For: *


(if your name has changed since you entered the University, Please inform the University of your name change immediately.)

Note: Please provide your ODU student email account. You will not receive any communication if you provide an outside email address.

Application Deadlines
January 15
for fall internship of the current year,
May 15 for spring internship of the following year,
Septermber 15 for summer internship of the following year.

Indicate your grades in the courses you have completed. If you have not yet completed a required course, indicate the semester during which you will complete the course. Grades listed will be verified.
NOTE: Please be sure to have submitted an updated transcript to your Site Director for any courses that need to be evaluated for transfer credit.

*HMSV 339 Interpersonal Relations

*HMSV 341 Introduction to Human Services

*HMSV 343 Human Services Methods

HMSV 344 Career Development and Appraisal

HMSV 346 Diversity Issues in Human Services

HMSV 368 Field Observation in Human Services

HMSV 440 Program Development, Implementation, & Funding

HMSV 441 Non-profit Fund-raising & Grant Writing

HMSV 444 Psycho-educational Groups

HMSV 447 Addictions: Theory & Intervention

HMSV 448 Intervention and Advocacy With Children

HMSV 449 Theories & Practice of Prevention

*HMSV 491 Family Guidance

^Students admitted need a C or better in these classes. A minimum of 2.0 is required in your overall GPA and in your HMSV course work.

NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to complete all required courses prior to the planned internship semester. Students who have not completed all required courses will not be allowed to take internship until the coursework is completed.

Students who have completed human services coursework elsewhere need to submit transcripts to the office of the registrar showing successful completion of those courses. Remember that a school placement will not be accepted for HMSV Internship.

You will be notified via university email of our receipt of your application within one month of your submission.

By clicking submit, I certify that I have read IN FULL the HMSV Internship Handbook, HMSV Student Handbook, Curriculum Checklist, and reviewed my Course Plan in Degreeworks. I certify that I meet ALL requirements stipulated to take the HMSV Internship