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Letter of Intent


Please indicate the institution you are currently attending:

I am submitting this form after completing a minimum of 15 credit hours and before applying for graduation at the community college selected above. I have maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 in all courses applicable to an eligible transfer degree program (Associates of Arts, Associates of Science, Associates of Arts and Science, or an articulated Applied Associates degree).
Below, please indicate when you plan to graduate with your associate's degree.

Predicted VCCS graduation


My associates degree type is:

My associates degree concentration is: (Please indicate your concentration. For example, AAS in Engineering, AS in Social Science, etc.)

If I meet all eligibility requirements of the transfer agreement and of the Office of Admissions, I intend to enroll at Old Dominion University in the following semester and year (select both below).

Predicted ODU entry year and term


I plan to pursue a major at ODU in:

I plan to attend classes at the following location upon transfer to Old Dominion University:

If I have not met the requirements outlined in the transfer agreement and of the Office of Admissions, I understand that I may apply for admission under the normal application process. Except in the case of an articulated Applied Associate of Arts or Applied Associate of Science degree, I understand that admission to the University does not imply acceptance into any particular academic program and that some programs have specific or additional requirements for admission into the major.
By submitting this form, I certify that the above information is truthful. I also give permission to Old Dominion University and my current institution to inform one another concerning my enrollment and academic performance.