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Undergraduate Suspension Appeal

Suspension Posted Appeal Application Deadline Appeal Decision Posted
May 2017 May 15, 2017; 5:00pm May 17, 2017

NOTE: The Appeals Committee makes decisions immediately after the deadline. No late submissions are accepted. The suspension appeal decisions will be posted on LEO Online as well as mailed/emailed to the student.

Please follow this format exactly. Incomplete appeals will be denied.

You are strongly encouraged to talk to your academic advisor before appealing your suspension.

Your appeal must be in the format listed below to be considered by the Suspension Appeal Committee and all supporting documentation must be included with your appeal. Gather any other documentation that you believe will help your case, e.g., memo from a doctor, disability test results, medical or psychological evaluation, etc. Include only essential materials, please. (Documentation must be included with the appeal. If documentation is not included, the appeal will NOT be considered.)


Paragraph 1: Provide detailed explanation for your lack of satisfactory academic progress. If you have previously been accepted back to Old Dominion University after an earlier suspension, explain the circumstances that led to your current suspension.

Paragraph 2: Please describe which support services you used during the semester (tutoring in the Learning Commons and/or Student Success Center, meetings with your academic advisor and/or peer mentoring, meetings with a Counselor in Counseling Services or Educational Accessibilty). If you did not use any services, please explain why you chose not to utilize support services at ODU.

Paragraph 3: Provide an explanation of how your circumstances have changed and how these changes will allow you to perform at a satisfactory level. Provide a detailed plan of action, including long term and short term goals, which you will follow to achieve academic success if you are readmitted to the college.

Required: By selecting the statements, below you are indicating that you have read and understand the appeal process.


Appeal Checklist

In all cases, the following are REQUIRED


  1. A complete Undergraduate Suspension Appeal form.
    • Detailed explanation for the lack of satisfactory academic progress (Paragraph 1)
    • Description of support services used during the semester or explanation of why support services were not used (Paragraph 2)
    • Detailed plan of action if appeal is granted (Paragraph 3)
  2. Submission of any supporting documents and/or letters of support.


Office of Academic Continuance
Student Success Center
Norfolk, VA 23529
757.683.3773 (phone)
757.683.6884 (fax)
advisor@odu.edu (email)