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SEES End of the Year Awards

There are three (3) End of the year awards to recognize our SEES employees for all their hard work and dedication. These three awards, New Professional of the Year, Mid Manager of the Year, and Employee of the Year, awards are the top awards given out to deserving members of the staff in the SEES division. The award is given once a year in May and any employee in SEES may nominate another co-worker.

New Professional of the Year – Employee new to profession and SEES with 1-3 years’ experience and meets below criteria

Mid-Level Employee of the Year – Employee with 3 years’ experience and meets below criteria

Employee of the Year- Any employee in SEES that meets below criteria

*Note: No employee can win more than one award in the same year


Criteria for Participation
Every full-time employee (no graduate students, program assistants or student workers) in SEES is eligible, subject to the following criteria:

•    Are non-probationary
•    Nominees must have been rated “contributor” or higher on their most recent annual evaluation
•    Nominees must not have received a “Written Notice” within the past twelve months
•    Employee must have demonstrated characteristics of the SEES Core Values:  


Exemplary Service
We value exemplary service, believe serving others is a noble and worthy endeavor, and strive to achieve excellence in every service interaction.  We adhere to the Old Dominion University Service Standards, and demonstrate service behavior that is consistently professional, ethical, respectful, knowledgeable, responsive, and collaborative.


We value partnerships with those inside and outside the University as a means to advance learning, achieve shared goals, and build a stronger sense of community.


We value the history, traditions, and culture of all members of the university community; promote a nurturing and supportive environment; and celebrate the unique contributions, similarities and differences of individuals from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  


Student Success
We value the personal and professional success of every student, promote student learning and achievement in our service delivery, and believe in keeping students and their success at the forefront of our decision-making process.  


We value the integration of academic learning and student development to promote the simultaneous advancement of cognitive understanding and a sense of personal maturity and interpersonal effectiveness, and we continuously educate students, faculty and staff through proactive collaboration and professional expertise.


We value forward-thinking, the creative use of technology, and the employment of systematic inquiry to advance student success and continuously improve our programs and services.


Please support your nomination by describing the excellence demonstrated by the employee in each applicable category listed below. Please describe in detail the actual act in each category (when, how, etc).