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Departmental Webb Center Space Request

Event Information:

Space Information

Please Fill Out the Media Services Request Form for Media: http://ww2.odu.edu/forms_admin/viewform.php?formid=5877

Will You Have Amplified Sound*

Are you charging Admission?*

(staging in 6'x 8' section; please indicate number sections needed, max. amount is 10)

Catering Information:

Alcohol Served*

Food Served*

(If yes, Alcohol Registration Request form must be completed and all food must be provided by Aramark Catering.)
I certify that I am familiar with the policies and procedures as listed at http://studentaffairs.odu.edu/osal/eventmanage/policiesprocedures.shtml for use of university facilities, that this event is consistent with policies and procedures, that I accept theresponsibility for compliance with same, and that my organization/department is responsible for any damages incurred in the facilityat the time of the event. Note: Entire form must be completed (use estimates as needed). This is only a request, not a confirmation.

All requests require a 3-day processing time.