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IMPORTANT - Prospective GTAs must be registered by a member of the hiring department to attend this training.
Registered students will receive a letter of invitation to the GTAI Institute via email. The invitation will include information about the GTAI Institute and the SPEAK retest for international student. We will also include some basic mini presentation instructions.

International students must successfully complete the SPEAK test or the SPEAK retest prior to attending the GTAI Institute. Students receiving a 26 or higher on the Speaking portion of the iBT TOEFL exam can request a waiver for the SPEAK test. If a waiver is requested, documentation of the score received on the Speaking portion is required. Contact Missy Barber at mbarber@odu.edu if you have questions or if a student is requesting a waiver.

*Students receiving a score of 50 or higher have successfully completed the SPEAK test. Students receiving a score of 45 are eligible to take the Speak Retest.