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Global Monarch Club Student Application

      15. In an ideal situation, which country would you like to visit? Why?

Ways To Be Involved with GMC

1. GMC Member - As a GMC member you will have privilege to receive information and participate in many GMC events/programs and you may attend at your own convenience. Basically, you participate with us without any obligations, as your schedule permits. This option is optimum for the students who have an extremely busy schedule and cannot commit as much time but, would still like to be connected with others on campus.

2. Global Monarch Buddy - You will be paired with another GMC member. Being Global Monarch Buddies will enableyou to learn from each other. We encourage you to explore the diversity you each bring to the table, embrace it, shareyour experiences and learn to be patient with someone from a different background (culture, beliefs, traditions, etc.). You will have the liberty of picking times that are convenient to both of you and help each other out in a way suitable to you (academics, cultures, language, etc.).

3. Global Quest - You will participate in the Global Quest as Global Monarch Dyad. You will be paired with anotherGMC member who is also interested in participating in the Global Quest. There are 6 categories for this quest and eachcategory will have an event or program that will require your attendance. You are required to attend at least one eventper category with your Dyad however, there will be multiple events announced throughout the semester that will fall intoone or more categories to keep options open for you; each category will be assigned a certain # of points upon achieving at least 80 out of 100 points, you will receive a Global Competency Certificate. Please visit our website for more details on the Global Quest.

If you would like to be paired with another GMC member, please answer Questions 18-20


       20. Country/Culture/Language: If you are interested in learning more about a specific country/ culture or are trying to learn a certain language, please mention the country/culture name or the language below. Please type "N/A" if you don't have a preference for this category.

      21. Please share with us if you would like to tell us more about yourself to be better able to pair you with another GMC member, please fill in the box below.