In the tradition of National Public Radio’s “Storycorps Recording America,” this project is in the process of collecting oral histories concerning famous theorists of counseling and psychotherapy. Therapists, faculty, and others from around the country are being contacted and asked to submit oral stories concerning significant interactions they have had, or significant events of which they are familiar, concerning famous therapists. These oral histories are being collected and stored on these Web pages for all to hear.

We hope that these stories will help to personalize the individuals who created these well-known theories and offer a glimpse into their lives. Please feel free to listen to the following stories and to use them as learning tools.

If you have a story you would like to upload on this site, or if you have a comment concerning the site, please contact Ed Neukrug at


Hear Dr. Ed Neukrug and Sarah McConnell discuss the Stories of the Great Therapists website and the process of therapy. Click the play arrow to listen:

(From “With Good Reason” on Virginia Public Radio, June 5, 2010).

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