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Burrhus Frederic "Fred" Skinner (1904 - 1990), Ph.D. one of the most influential psychologist of the twentieth century, discovered operant conditioning and was instrumental in the spread of behaviorism and behavior therapy. Skinner's research would affect how therapists work with clients, teachers respond to students, parents deal wtih their children, and how managers work with employees. The Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University from 1958 to 1974, Skinner is seen as the founder of Radical Behaviorism, and his research, writing, and lecturing helped to spread his view of how change occurs. An incredibly prolific author, Skinner published 21 books and 180 articles. Ultimately, it was Skinner's hope that by obtaining a deeper understanding of stimulus and response mechanisms, we could gain better control over our the environment and create a more humane and caring world.

Title of story: Can a behaviorist be a humanist? By Dr. Ed Neukrug
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