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Studio Policy

Welcome! We are happy to have you enrolled in our studio.   Please read the following carefully   It takes commitment from the student, parents, and teachers for a quality music education.  We ask the following of all involved:


A. Commit to lessons and your assigned lesson time from September through June.

B. Practice on a regular basis, as assigned by your teacher.

C. Bring all music and assignments to each lesson.

D. Follow all instructions given and behave in a way that enhances musical progress and learning.

E. Dress nicely for recitals- this is a part of your musical training.  Ties for boys and dresses for girls are expected.


A. Your support and dedication are necessary to establish a regular practice time.   Students must practice to succeed.

B. Bring and pick up your child promptly at the assigned time. This will help keep us on schedule and will not interfere with the lesson time of another student.

C. For safety reasons, an adult should stay with children until their lesson times.   DO NOT drop them off and leave them.   We do not want children in the building unsupervised and we cannot watch them while we are teaching lessons.

D. Tuition is to be collected IN ADVANCE of each session, and no later than the first week of lessons.   Complete the enrollment form and mail to Non Credit Operations.  You will receive confirmation for your payment by mail.   Lessons may be stopped until payment is made.

E. Keep pianos tuned and instruments in good condition.  Students do not like to practice an instrument that is not working or tuned.  

F. NO make up lessons are given.  Please be committed and make every effort to attend your “reserved” time and remember this when scheduling other appointments.  Most teachers can reschedule if advanced notice is given – it is up to the individual instructor to decide.


A. We will provide each student with a high-quality musical education with opportunities to perform in a variety of situations.  

B. We have reserved your weekly lesson time especially for you.   If we should have to miss a lesson other than those rescheduled on our calendar for holidays, we will make it up.

C. We are active members of professional organizations and continue to perform in the community on a regular basis.   We have degrees in music and excel in our particular fields of performance.

*A REMINDER: We will not be available to answer the office phone during teaching hours.  If you need to cancel your lesson, you should contact the teacher in advance.   Thank you for your understanding.






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