Prof. Charles E.

Charles E. Hyde

Chair, Department of Physics

Eminent Scholar and University Professor of Physics

Old Dominion University, 4600 Elkhorn Ave, Norfolk VA 23529
Office : OCNPS 306A

email:  chyde."at"


Autumn 2015:   Quantum Mechanics I: Phys 452/552
Summer 2015:   Mathematical Methods for Physics: Phys 355
Spring 2015:   Quantum Mechanics II: Phys 456/556
Physics on the Back of an Envelope: Phys 309
Autumn 2014:   Quantum Mechanics I: Phys 452/552
Summer 2014:   Conceptual Physics 1: Phys 101N
Spring 2014:  University Physics I: PHYS 231N CRN
Physics on the Back of an Envelope: Phys 309
Summer 2013:   Conceptual Physics 1: Phys 101N CRN 32387
Spring 2013:  University Physics II: Phys 227/232
Course Schedule
Autumn 2012:  University Physics II: Phys 227/232 (crn 13421/10124)
Course Schedule
Summer 2012:  Conceptual Physics I: Phys101N (crn 32721/ 32724)
Spring 2012:
 University Physics I Physics 226/231 (CRN 22760/122761 and 20173/20200)
Graduate Seminar Course

Autumn 2011:  University Phyiscs II (Physics 227/232N CRN 13421/10124
Spring 2011: University Physics (Physics 231N/226N crn 22760, 20173, 24815)
Autumn 2010: Introductory General Physics (Physics 111 - crn 10063)
Spring 2010:  Introductory General Physics (Physics 111 - crn 20184)
Spring 2009:  Elements of Astrophysics (Phys 313)
Fall 2006:  Electromagnetic Theory I (Phys604)

Research:     Research Page

Research Sponsors: U.S. Department of Energy, France CNRS and ANR.
I am co-spokesperson of seven past (E93-050, E99-114, E00-110, E03-106), present (E07-007, E08-025), and future 12 GeV (E12-06-114)  experiments at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News VA.

My Research is in nuclear physics, focussed on the topic of Compton Scattering from the proton.  In this process we use one high energy photon to hit a proton, and with a second photon we take a picture of the wiggling internal structure of the proton.
 An introduction to this subject for a general audience can be found on my Web Poster on Virtual Compton Scattering.
Presently, we are focussing on creating 3-D images of the  quarks and gluons inside the proton and the atomic nucleus by the  "Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering" reaction.
A technical summary can be found at
I am also active in developing the design and physics motivation for a future Electron-Ion Collider.
My research is currently funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, the National Science Foundation and Brookhaven National Laboratory
Previous funding includes the French CNRS/IN2P3 and ANR.

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2015:   University Professor, Old Dominion University
2014:   Eminent Scholar, Old Dominion University
May 2013:  College of Science Distinguished Research Award
May 2012:  Provost's Award for Leadership in International Education
May 2012: College of Science Undergraduate Advisor Award.
Jan2007--Dec 2010 "Chaire d'Excellence" and Professor of Physics at Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2005--2006 College of Sciences Gene Hirshfeld Faculty Excellence Award
2005  Fellow, American Physical Society
1987--1992: NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award
1986:  Peter Demos Dissertation Award, MIT-Bates Linac Users Group