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The PERL (Propulsion and Energy Research Laboratory) is focused on investigating multi-phase turbulent reacting flows, clean combustion strategies, and alternative fuels development for the next generation advance propulsion and combustion energy technologies. The lab's research objective is concentrated on advancing the scientific research through fundamental physics understanding of turbulent reacting flows, combustion dynamics, supersonic compressible flows, fluid mechanics, flow control, flame-fluidics interactions, vortex dynamics, and hydrodynamic instabilities. The lab is specialized in experimental investigations and physics-based reduced order models development of unit problems that couples fundamental lab research to national technological problems. The PERL is equipped with state-of-the-art advance high-speed laser diagnostics and experimental tools for studying turbulent flow mixing and chemical reactions. Computational methods (CFD) are developed and utilized in coordination with experimental research.

For more information, please contact the Director Dr. Kareem Ahmed. Also, visit the opportunities section for information on open positions at the lab.

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