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Katharine Kersey


The 101s: A Guide to Positive Discipline

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The 101 Positive Principles of Discipline

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Norfolk Department of Human Services, Norfolk, VA
"101’s, A Positive Guide to Discipline has been an awesome asset to our programs. We purchased a large amount of the tool for area Head Starts."

Linda Ross, Child Care Outreach Manager
Norfolk Department of Human Services

HARCATUS Head Start, Dennison, Ohio
HARCATUS Head Start purchased "101's: A Guide to Positive Discipline" for all of its Head Start Centers and Partnership Mentors. Team Leaders and Partnership Mentors received training on the principles involved before the preschool classes reconvened in the beginning of the school year. At a later In-Service, the Team Leaders, Partnership Mentors, and Family Advocates received training on the use of the CD-Rom sets.

"We are in the initial stages of becoming familiar with the 101's A Positive Guide to Discipline CD-Rom set. They have been used to assist classroom personnel in learning positive discipline techniques. Family Advocates have used Parent Meetings as an avenue to introduce the concepts to parents. Parents have been encouraged to come to the centers to use the CD-Rom sets to look up suggestions for various discipline issues they may be dealing with in their own homes. In short this resource is a wonderful tool that we are gradually learning to use. We expect to get to know them better as time goes by and certainly consider them a positive asset to our program."

Sue Shackelford, Prevention/Mental Health Manager
HARCATUS Tri-County Head Start