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Lytton John Musselman

The George Edward Post Project

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Post and the Boissier Herbarium in Geneva

George Post was a Calvinist by theological bent and may have been strongly influenced by the Second Great Awakening which began in his home town of New York. It is therefore particularly interesting, albeit perhaps coincidental, that he looked to the Herbier Boissier, now part of the Botanical Garden of Geneva, for help in his research on plants of the Levant.

The prominent family of botanists, de Candolle, were Hugenots from southern France who fled to Geneva to avoid persecution by French authorities. Their house and original botanical garden were located near St Peter's Cathedral, Calvin's church. The present herbarium in Geneva, one of the largest in the world, combines the herbaria of the de Candolles, Boissier, and other botanical luminaries. The collections of Henri Pabot and Paul Mouterde (author of the most recent flora of Lebanon) are also in the Geneva collection.

Calvin In Geneva

Geneva looking from the lake
to Saint Peter's Cathedral


The building which housed the Boissier Herbarium.
This is probably where Post worked when visiting Geneva.
It now houses the cryptogamic collection.