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Petros Katsioloudis, Ed.D



Associate Professor
Industrial Technology Program Leader
Education Building 228

Ed.D., Technology Education,North Carolina State University
M.S.Ed., Technology Education, California University of Pennsylvania
B.S., Industrial Technology, California University of Pennsylvania
A.A. Associate of Arts, Master Gunsmithing Program, Pennsylvania Gunsmith School

Dr. Katsioloudis research focuses on improving teacher and student performance in STEM education, and enhancing the development of a national STEM-educated workforce.

Dr. Katsioloudis 's CV
Dr. Katsioloudis 's Publications

STEM 221- Industrial Materials.
STEM 231- Materials/ Process Technology.
STEM 370 - Technology and Society.
STEM 382- Industrial Design.
SEPS 395 - Writing in STEM Education and Professional Studies.
FOUN 615 - Research and Application of the Evolution of Education: History, Issues, and Assessment.
SPED 615 - Managing the Instructional Environment to Affect Behavior Change in a Culturally Responsive Classroom.
SEPS 860 – Trends/Issues-occupational Ed.

Since 2007, Dr. Petros Katsioloudis has served as an Associate Professor, Industrial Technology. While beginning his career in the Department of Technology and Industrial Arts, Berea College, KY, he later joined the Department of STEM Education and Professional Studies, Old Dominion University, as a second year Assistant Professor in 2008. In this time, he demonstrated consistent growth by conducting research on improving teacher performance in STEM education, and enhancing a national STEM-educated workforce; teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in industrial technology/engineering education; and serving his academic and professional communities.