Russell Haines
Assistant Professor
Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences
Old Dominion University
I don't post my e-mail address here in a vain attempt to keep spam down. You can find it on the IT department faculty advisor page.

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Current Research Projects:
I design large session group laboratory experiments (40-50 or more simultaneous participants). These are run during normal class periods and/or as part of normal class curriculum. The experiments include:
  1. A version of the beer game (a.k.a. beer distribution game), which we use to examine cognitive and collaborative influences on supply chain decision making.
  2. A group development exercise, which we use to examine the impact of collaborative elements on decision making processes in task-oriented groups.
  3. An ethical decision-making exercise, which we use to examine individuals' ethical decision making process and the influence of group interaction on ethical decision making.
  4. An on-line auction simulation.
ODU has graciously provided me with an old workstation to use as a server to host the experiments here. I hope it doesn't crash, but so far so good.

Course web sites:
IT 201
IT 415 Facebook Page
IT 415
IT 610 Facebook Page
IT 610

Side Projects:
Baby Bash, a computer game for babies (6 - 24 months).
Tape Calculator (listed here and here), a calculator program for PCs that operates like a desktop adding machine.
Code dump of a set of SQL queries that compute the Gini Coefficient for participation in groups
I am webmaster for the Taylor Elementary School PTA (see also Taylor Elementary School).

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I received my Ph.D. from the University of Houston. Richard Scamell was my dissertation chair. Wynne Chin, Peter Todd, and Joe Kotarba were on my dissertation committee. Randy Cooper was the Ph.D. advisor.
I received my high school diploma from Timpview High School, class of 1986.
My nephew is in a band called Metzener, and they don't stink!
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Employee Scheduling web site.