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COMM 624 

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Course Information 

Positive Communication Acorss the Lifespan (COMM 624) is a graduate elective course in the Graduate Program in Lifespan and Digital Communicaton.






Course Description:

This course examines communication theories and research in light of the theories and research of positive psychology. Topics include: strengths-based communication theorizing, communication and happiness, positive communication functions, creative communication, and positive communication outcomes (health, wellness, peace, hope).



  • By means of readings, lectures, and discussion students will acquire a conceptual and theoretical introduction to fundamental positive communication concepts and processes across the lifespan 
  • By means of readings, lectures, and discussion students will acquire a conceptual introduction to positive communication as it relates to interpersonal and organizational health and wellness 
  • By means of readings, lectures, discussions and papers students will begin to develop their own projects that advance positive communication theory and research across the lifespan 
  • To develop confidence and competence in an intellectual playground, where all participants can juggle ideas, examples, and criticism around as we explore the literature. 
  • To enhance your abilities to see beyond each study towards theory on to possible next steps and create the questions to explore these ideas competently

ODU-UNCG at ECU prsents a Positive Communication Gradaute Research Symposium, 12/7/2013: Program




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