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Thomas Socha

COMM-495/595: Positive Comm.

COMM/GEOG 695: Comm,Geog,& Food

COMM 601

COMM 624

COMM 302

COMM 427/527



This course is a requirement for students pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Communication at Old Dominion University. With the appropriate pre-requisites, Bachelor of Arts students may enroll in COMM 302 as an upper level elective.

Prior to enrolling in COMM 302 students should have completed: COMM 200S, STAT 130M, and a minimum of six hours of 300-400 level COMM elective courses.

Course Goals

  • Increase students' curiosity about the complexities of communication as it occurs in relationships, groups, organizations, cultures, and societies including public speech and electronic forms).
  • Increase students' appreciation of the importance of communication research in informing the development of positive communication practices in everyday life as well as in the development of civic virtues and practices.
  • Increase students' abilities to use communication research as a means to inform their efforts to develop optimal personal communication practices
  • Increase students' communication thinking abilities (creative, interpretive, analytical, critical)
  • Increase students' understanding and abilities regarding the conceptualization of communication research studies. This includes examination of the ways that communication functions as a resource for the facilitation of positive societal conditions.
  • Increase students' understanding and abilities regarding the operationalization of communication research studies.
  • Increase students' understanding and abilities regarding the presentation, reporting, and dissemination of communication research results including writing research reports following style guides such as the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (6th ed.).