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Thomas Socha

COMM-495/595: Positive Comm.

COMM/GEOG 695: Comm,Geog,& Food

COMM 601

COMM 624

COMM 302

COMM 427/527

COMM 695

COMM 695/GEOG 695:

Communication, Geography, and Food Across the Lifespan

Spring 2013

Dr. Tom Socha (Dept of Communication & Theatre Arts) 
Dr. Don Zeigler (Dept of Geography)

Monday 7:10 - 9:50 pm; Virginia Beach Higher Education Center

Course Description: From lifespan and global perspectives, this graduate course examines the intersections of communication, geography, and food. Topics include: communication and cooking; dinner table talk; food and folk culture; victual rituals; portrayal of food in media (e.g., film, television, CMC, print); role of race, class, and gender in food production/consumption; commercialization of food; fast food and slow food; globalization vs. the 'locavore' movement; visualization and symbolic communication about food and nutrition; market and supermarket geographies, and more.

Handout--Course Description