Welcome to ARC-Photovoltaic Center

Novel methods to position highly arrayed nanostructures have been developed using template guided deposition methods. Current technology to synthesize vertically-ordered, self-organized nanotubes and nanorods is to use anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) or silicon (Si) nano/micro-pore templates. However, most coaxial nanotubes currently produced with nano-templates maintain three-dimensional scales close to those of the original templates. To overcome such technical barriers, we developed advanced nano-fabrication technologies to precisely control three dimensional parameters such as height, distance and thickness within atomic resolution.

Based on nano-fabrication technologies, we are developing novel platforms to revolutionize energy conversion efficiencies in photovoltaics. We are developing organic, hybrid organic-inorganic, inorganic solar cells.


Old Dominion University's Applied Research Center consists of an interdisciplinary team of researchers working on scientific and technological problems in the areas of thin films, laser and plasma applications, materials technology, and the emerging fields of nanotechnology, and photovoltaics.  Dr. Namkoong is working on various projects in ARC with state-of-the art facilities.

Applied Research Center