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Welcome to the XuLab

Bioanalytical/Biochemistry/Bionanotechnology/Bionanomaterials/Modern Molecular Biomedical Sciences & Engineering

Our research program lies at the interface of Chemistry, Biology and Engineering. The central theme of our research program is the development and application of cutting-edge bio- and nano- technologies and ultrasensitive analytical instrumentation and methodologies to address fundamental and practical questions in chemical, biochemical and biomedical sciences and engineering. In particular, the primary goal of our research program is to study chemical reactions and cellular pathways in single live cells in real-time with the single-molecule sensitivity and selectivity. We aim to address the most significant and challenging questions in life sciences; to explore living organisms at the single-cell and single-molecule resolutions; to unravel mysteries that prohibit us from completely understanding diseases (cancer) from their onsets to their development; and to design new tools for earlier disease diagnosis and effective treatment. Ultimately, this research program will lead to the discovery of new chemical and biochemical mechanisms, new cellular pathways and functions, and the invention of novel technologies.

The current research projects include:

  1. Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Innovative Bionanomaterials and Bionanophotonics.
  2. Development of Cutting-Edge Technologies and Instrumentation.
  3. Single Molecular and Single Live Cell Imaging.
  4. Single-Cell Genomics, Nanobiotechnology and Optogenetics, to unlock neuron-neuron communication, revolutionize early cancer detection, unravel developmental biology (embryonic stem cell differentiation), understand multidrug resistance, decipher nanotoxicity, design groundbreaking nanomedicines and biocompatible nanomaterials.