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James V. Koch

HIST 368/396

ECON 202

ECON 301

ECON 456/556

ECON 604

ECON 604

3 Semester Hours
Economics Portion of BUS610
Constant Hall Rm. 1010

This material relates to the economics portion of BUS610. The primary object of this part of the course is to enable you to use microeconomic theory as a logical toolbox. This toolbox contains
a set of theories you can deploy to analyze and understand the world around you.

The decisive test of a theory is its ability to explain and predict. Therefore, I will present you with applied problems and situations designed to give you practice in explaining and predicting a wide range of economic behavior, but especially that relating to the business world. More often than not, these situations and problems will come directly from publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and local newspapers.

My goal is not to make you a polished economist, but rather to provide you with tools that will enable you to a better job understanding the world, and explaining and predicting behavior. This should make you a better employee, manager, and (for that matter) citizen.