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Vaccinium myrtilloides

Bog Kalkaska County, Michigan. 29 May 2005.

Cranberry Lake, Kalkaska County (2), Michigan. 30 May 2005.

Note hairy stems and leaf undersurface. Benson Mine Tailings, St. Lawrence Co., NY. 25 July 2013. Photo by P. Schafran

Comparison of the toxic fruits of Clintonia borealis, bluebead lily (center) and the velvet leaf blueberry, Vaccinium myrtilloides. The blueberries are smaller and glaucous. These two species commonly grow together. Copper Rock Falls, Saint Lawrence County, New York. 44° 17' 23.4" North, 74° 57' 20.1" West (44.289827, -74.955590) 3 August 2013

Cranberry Lake, Kalkaska County, Michigan. 30 May 2005.

Bog, Kalkaska County, Michigan 16 May 2008 Vaccinium myrtillodies, left, Vaccinium angustifolium

Cranberry Lake Biological Station 1 August 2009

WARNING:  Accurate determination of this plant or fungus requires more than this single image.
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