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Abies balsamea Pinaceae

Balsam fir. Near Mancelona, Michigan. Resin blisters.

(left), Picea mariana (right). Bog, Kalkaska County, Michigan 47 30N, 85 60W. 20 May 2005.

Balsam fir. Michigan. Leaves.

Picea mariana, left, Abies balsamea, right Luzerne Natural Area, Oscoda County, Michigan 31 May 2008

Abies balsamea, Thuja occidentalis left Luzerne Natural Area, Oscoda County, Michigan 29 May 2008

Mount Washington, New Hampshire 3000 ft elevation, Lowe's Bald 19 August 2009

Bog, Kalkaska County, Michigan 16 May 2008

Balsam fir. Michigan.

WARNING:  Accurate determination of this plant or fungus requires more than this single image.
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