The Evolution of Stress Tolerance in Marine Invertebrates

Lab News:

June, 2017

Dan and Maoz Fine awarded US-Israel Bi-National Science Foundation grant to study Extreme Thermotolerance of corals in the Red Sea

Oct, 2016

Hannah and Dan brave the Chesapeake Bay to collect corals

July, 2016

Welcome Hannah Aichelman to the lab!!

Feb, 2016

Courtney and Harmony in the news for their stellar outreach efforts!

Aug, 2015

1st Barshis lab field research trip to Ofu, American Samoa!!

Aug 25, 2014

Welcome to Courtney and Harmony, first crop of Ph.D. students!

Aug 7, 2014

Successful return of corals from the Fl. Keys! Thanks FKNMS and Mote folks for all the help.


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