Courses at TSU

CISE 6360: Distributed Computer Theory and Design [F12]

CISE 7100: System Modeling and Simulation [F09, S12, F13]

CISE 5100: Data Structures and Algorithms [F11]

CISE 7300: Network Security and Risk Analysis [S11, S14]

CISE 5220: Computer Architecture and Operating Systems [F10, F11, F12, F13]

CISE 5230: Computer Networking [S10, S11, S12, S13, S14]

ENGR 2230: Engineering Programming [F09, S10, F10, S11]

EECE 3061: Advanced Programming Lab [F09]

Courses at Rowan

ECE 09202: Network II [F08]

ECE 09402/09504: Computer Networking [F08]

ENGR 01301/01401: Junior/Senior Engineering Clinic [F08]

ENGR 09311: Electronics (ECE) [S09]

ENGR 09311: Electronics (ME) [S09]

ENGR 09402/09504: Wireless Networks [S09]

Courses at ODU

ECE 355: Introduction to Networks and Data Communication [F05, F06, F07]

ECE 455: Network Engineering and Design [S07,S08]

ECE 605: Engineering Systems Modeling [F07]