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Prof. Dudek no longer works at ODU and this website will not be updated further.

His ongoing adventures can be followed

Hadron Spectroscopy Research Group

I perform research work on the spectroscopy of hadrons using a variety of theoretical techniques. Current focus is on using lattice QCD methods to determine properties of meson resonances.

I work closely with staff scientists and postdocs at Jefferson Lab as well as my local team at Old Dominion University. We also collaborate with other interested scientists within the Hadron Spectrum Collaboration.

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Dr. Raul Briceno
Postdoctoral Fellow
Students interested in working towards a PhD should contact me. Fully funded Research Assistantships are available for qualified candidates.


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talks are available online.
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  • Dr. Dave Wilson completed his stay as Postdoctoral Research Fellow, and moves on to DAMTP at the University of Cambridge.

  • Dr. Raul Briceno joins the group from Jefferson Lab.
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  • Graduate student Christian Shultz is awarded the PhD degree by ODU. His PhD research is reported on in Phys.Rev. D91 114501 (2015)
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  • Our recent paper presenting the first extraction of coupled-channel scattering amplitudes from QCD is selected as an Editors’ Suggestion by PRD.
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  • The White Paper on "Physics Opportunities with the 12 GeV Upgrade at Jefferson Lab" is posted on the arXiv. I co-authored the Meson Spectroscopy section with Curtis Meyer.
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  • See a handwaving (literally) explanation of QCD and confinement in this film made by the US National Academy of Science. I'm doing my bit five minutes in: