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Nigella sativa Ranunculaceae

The plant translated "caraway" in the NIV, "fitches" in the KJV and "dill" in JND is actually a plant known as black cummin, Nigella sativa, and no relation to the well known herb, cummin. The word fitches may be an allusion to the sharp pointed beaks of the fruit and is used for unrelated plants in other Scriptures (eg, Ezekiel 9:32).

Black cummin is planted in the winter, produces attractive flowers in the spring and is harvested in the early summer for its jet black seeds. These have a very distinct flavor are used to flavor bread and other baked goods. The seeds are still threshed from the fruits by beating the dried plants with a stick (Isaiah 28:28).

Nigella sativa. Threshing near Tubas, Palestine. Ranunculaceae Nigella sativa Ranunculaceae Nigella sativa Ranunculaceae Nigella sativa Ranunculaceae