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Hoodia gordonii(?) (Asclepiaceae) Opuo region of northern Namibia. January 2020. Asclepiadaceae

Hoodia gordonii(?) (Asclepiaceae) Opuo region of northern Namibia. January 2020.

Welcome to the Old Dominion University Plant Site!

I have amassed a large number of slides during my teaching and research career at Old Dominion University. In addition, I worked at the University of Virginia Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Khartoum, An Najah University, University of Jordan, Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, American University of Beirut, and Aleppo University. At each of these institutions I produced slides for teaching. Accessing all these pictures for lectures became increasingly arduous as more and more slides were added to my collection. While "one picture is worth a thousand words," students were exposed to thousands of "words" in only hundreds of seconds. Now that they are on a web site, the slides are accessible for study without any time limit.

This site is a data base for plant slides and other images, i.e., scanning electron micrographs, diagrams. To date, about 10 000 have been loaded. These reflect my research interests in parasitic plants, Isoetes, flora of southeastern Virginia, Bible plants, peat mosses, and vegetation of Jordan and Syria. Some images are of less than stellar quality but are included because they document distribution or phenology.

All of the pictures were taken by me, except as noted. If I have inadvertently included a picture without aknowledging the photographer, it is a sin of omission.

Lytton John Musselman, 12 September 2020



Plant image data base-This is the largest component and includes all vascular plants, mosses, and fungi. Earlier iterations of this site had separate entries for Bible plants, parasitic plants, Isoetes, plants of Dauphin Island, peat mosses, and flora of Syria and Jordan. These images are still available.   Search-To locate a plant, type in the Latin name, genus, or family. Some pictures have common names.

Other Components

Blackwater Ecologic Preserve

The plan is to include pictures of all the species that occur at the preserve. At present, the following are posted: Checklist of the plants of the Zuni Pine Barrens; Introduction to the geology, botanical history, pictures from several controlled burns, overview of longleaf pine in Virginia; Zuni in winter; and extracts from the preserve management plant.

George Edward Post

This site is devoted to a pioneer botanist of the Middle East, George Edward Post (1838-1909).  I have written an account of his botanical activities and am locating and editing his letters. 



In general, I encourage the use of images from this web site for educational purposes.  However, no image should be reproduced without permission.