Nuclear Physics Seminars and Lectures

Physics Department, Old Dominion University

Seminars Weekly THURSDAY 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. PSBII 2nd floor Seminar Room 2108
(The Physical Sciences Building II is adjacent to the Oceanography and Physical Sciences Building (OCNPS), 4600 Elkhorn Ave.)

The Nuclear Physics Group at Old Dominion University has weekly seminars on Thursday afternoons with presentations from students, postdocs, faculty and visitors. The talks can be informal and are meant to enhance information exchange and the educational mission of ODU. Everyone is invited to attend, in particular members of the Nuclear Theory group and the Center for Accelerator Science.

Journal Club Bi-Weekly PSBII 2nd floor Seminar Room 2108
The Journal Club is organized by Nuclear Physics students and postdocs and meets on alternative weeks without a seminar (in general).

Spring 2015: Informal Nuclear Physics Lecture Series PSBII 2nd floor Seminar Room 2108
This was a series of lectures by the faculty of the Experimental Nuclear/Particle Physics Group (most every week on Thursday). Our goal was to give the younger students some background on the basics of Nuclear/Particle Physics and experimental methods. Below is a list of topics and speakers, with links to lecture notes:

1/22 QCD (as a specific example for a gauge theory) CH
1/29 The standard model (quarks, leptons, gauge bosons, Higgs, …) MA
2/5 Scattering experiments (how to interpret them) GD
2/12 Elastic scattering, Feynman rules, form factors SB
2/19 Inelastic scattering, DIS SK
2/26 Hadron structure SK
3/19 Generalized Parton Distributions CH
3/26 Hadron spectroscopy MA
4/2 Nucleon resonances GD
4/9 Hadronic interactions SB
4/16 Few-body and nuclear structure LW
4/23 Hadrons in the medium LW

Fall 2015: Selected Presentations from the Fall Seminar Series

9/3 Introduction to the BONuS Experiment
10/15 Kalman Filters in Tracking

Spring 2016: Selected Presentations from the Spring Seminar Series

3/24 Part 2 of the presentation on the Miami Conference
6/23 Dr. Amaryan's presentation on the K_long beam at Hall D


For questions and to schedule a talk, please contact Gail Dodge or Sebastian Kuhn

Other Seminars of Interest

Jefferson Lab Summer lecture series and monthly "Pizza seminar": See

Please send suggestions for additional seminar listings to S. Kuhn