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Thomas Socha

COMM-495/595: Positive Comm.

COMM/GEOG 695: Comm,Geog,& Food

COMM 601

COMM 624

COMM 302

COMM 427/527

Lifespan Comm.

COMM 495/595:

Special Topics in Communication:                                                                      Positive Communication in Human Relating 

3 semester hours

Prequisites-- COMM 200S or permission of instructor

Decription--This first of a kind COMM course begins to consider the emerging theory and research of positive psychology from the vantage point of the field of human communication. By means of readings, lectures, discussions, papers, and applied positive communication experiences, students will explore topics such as:

  • Conceptualizing postiive communication
  • Development of strengths-based approaches to human communication theorizing
  • Researching postiive communication processes and outcomes 
  • The role of human communication in human happiness,
  • Positive communication functions (e.g., humor, praising, comforting, supporting, playing, loving, praying, etc.),
  • The role of creativity in positive human communication,
  • The role of communication in creating positive relational outcomes (e.g., health & wellness, hope, optimism, positive virtues)
  • The role of communication in creating conditions for the facilitation of potentiality
  • And more.