Graduate Nuclear Physics (PHYS 722/822) - Fall Semester 2018 - ODU

Instructor: Sebastian Kuhn (Phone: 683-5804  email: )

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Physics Colloquium and Nuclear Seminars

Please attend the Physics Colloquia and the Nuclear Physics Seminars! Schedules will be posted as they become available.


Preliminary Schedule

Lecture Notes

  1. First two weeks - Slides - Whiteboard Capture 9/6
  2. Weeks 3 and 4 - Slides
  3. Weeks 5 and 6 - Slides see above, and nuclear elastic/quasi-elastic scattering (Dr. Weinstein), and more on elastic scattering. Also, here are typeset Lecture Notes by Pushpa Pandey.
  4. Week 7 - Slides and Whiteboard Capture 10/11
  5. Week 8 - Slides and Whiteboard Capture 10/18; Lecture Notes by M. Pokhrel
  6. Week 9 -see slides above and Whiteboard Capture 10/23, Whiteboard Capture 10/25
  7. Week 10 - Strong and weak interactions in hadrons, hadron structure. Whiteboard Capture 10/30, Lecture Notes by Sterling Gordon, Lecture Notes by Caleb Fogler
  8. Weeks 11-12: Preliminary Lecture Notes, Whiteboard Nov. 8, K. Sherman's Lecture Notes, Dr. Hattawy's Lecture Notes
  9. The Standard Model: Whiteboard Capture 11/19, Whiteboard Capture 11/27; Here are the Lecture Notes for the Thursday 11/29 lecture that unfortunately was pre-empted. And here are lecture notes by M. Kerver.
  10. Last week: Whiteboard Capture 12/4 - and lecture notes by A. Maps


  1. Homework Problem - Solution
  2. Homework Problem - Solution
  3. Homework Problem - Solution
  4. Homework Problem - Solution
  5. Homework Problem - Solution
  6. Homework Problem - Solution
  7. Homework Problem - Solution
  8. Homework Problem - Solution
  9. Homework Problem - Solution
  10. Homework Problem - Solution

FINAL EXAM - here is the paper by Bethe - and here is the SOLUTION

Some good web sites

References for the class:

ODU Experimental Nuclear Physics Group

Particle Data Group - a wealth of information

Introduction to Nuclei - from our own Prof. Weinstein

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab)


Nuclear Physics Labs all over the world

Preprint Server and INSPIRE Publication database

Chart of Nuclides or This one

Periodic Table on the Web

Few-Body Nuclei Level diagrams

Dr. Kuhn's HUGS writeup

APS Division of Nuclear Physics

Hadronic Physics Topical Group

Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan

Ideas for your Participation Project:

Therapies using nuclear beams

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